Singapore Corporate Gifts

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Singapore Corporate Gifts

Know the Purpose of the Corporate Gift

It’s important to understand that different corporate gifts have different purposes especially in Singapore. Corporate gifts that you give out to convention goers comprised primarily of end users is necessarily going to be different from the gifts you give out to an industry convention composed of industry insiders. Make sure that you know the difference. Make sure that the gifts that you are going to be giving out are fit for the specific demographic and audience that you’re trying to reach. Different gifts have different purposes.

Make Sure the Corporate Gift is Somewhat Exclusive

While you can go overboard and buy truly expensive gifts, get ready for their cost. Usually, product exclusivity comes with a pretty hefty price tag. This is why it’s a good idea to meet your customers’ expectations halfway. Give them a semi-exclusive gift. They should be able to see that the product you’re giving out is actually produced by a well-recognized brand. This should give them enough of an idea as to how precious or valuable the gift is.

Corporate Gifts should Be Practical and Visible

You have to keep in mind that when you’re giving away corporate gifts, you want your recipients to show them off. You want people to make other people aware of your brand. You don’t want to give out a gift that is easy to hide and is so innocuous that it blends with its background. If those are the kinds of gifts you’ve been giving away, you have truly missed the point. Corporate gifts should not only be functional and useful, they must also grab attention. Always note that you are not giving away gifts out of the kindness of your heart. You’re not a charity. You’re giving out these items because you want your brand to be seen. You want your brand to circulate among a set of people that you want to eventually do business with.

Corporate Gift should Have the Basics Covered

What are the “basics” when giving out gifts?
Very simple: good gifts should project quality, style, and class. These three factors should be present in your gift. This is non-negotiable. It doesn’t matter how small the gift is. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is. It doesn’t even matter who you’re going to give it to. You have to have these three factors covered. You don’t want to give out a gift that’s going to break apart immediately. Also, the gift has to be designed in a way that reflects style and class. You always have to go back to this central point: your corporate gifts are ambassadors of your brand. Do not embarrass your brand by giving out shoddy, badly-made, and very flimsy products.

Make Sure that the Giveaway Conveys a Clear, Unified Message

There are many corporate gifts that are handed out like candy. There’s really not much planning or deeper level thought put into the selection and packaging of these gifts. Not surprisingly, these items are all too forgettable. It should shock nobody that in the typical American office, every one or two years the office manager would pass around a box and employees are supposed to dump garbage into that box. The stuff that’s going to the box will be thrown away. It’s really sad and pathetic that a lot of those items tend to be corporate giveaways. If you don’t want your giveaway to meet such an unfortunate fate, focus on the overall message your corporate gift gives out. You want to project that image of utility. You want to give the impression that the recipient of the gift should hang on to that item for a long time. The reason for this should be quite obvious. The longer they hang on to a corporate giveaway, the longer that item would project your brand.

Research Your Clients’ Preferences

If you want to truly make a solid impact among your target audience members, do some advance research. Maybe you should send them a survey. Maybe you should conduct a small poll. Incentivize them to engage in all these customer intelligence gathering activities. Once you have the data, then you can make a truly informed decision as to the kinds of corporate gifts your clients are most likely to appreciate. Focus on what they like so you can make a better impression. You want them to have a very positive mental association between your brand and the graphical manifestation of your brand, which is your logo. The way to do this, of course, is to appeal to what they already like.

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