You must be familiar with the term Lanyard; most of us have used it and seen it. Lanyards are common in all the institutions; students and employees wear it around their neck to carry their ID cards. Every organization makes use of lanyards to prevent unauthorized entry and to ensure safety within the organization. 


Before the Lanyards found its purpose in corporations and institutions, these were used as ropes in the defence sectors for securing and suspending men and material. Weapons like Canyons also made use of these ropes, and even the Pirates were believed to be users of the Lanyards. But that is history; in modern times lanyards have found subtle uses in various sectors. It is used to hang ID cards, pens and these are also a useful promotional tool. 
A vast demand for Lanyards can be seen today due to the mushrooming of various organisations and institutions. Lanyards are found in different lengths and made from different materials. The material determines the cost of this product. 

Here is a look at some of the popular types found in the market.

1. Polyester – Durable and economical, the Polyester lanyard is the widely purchased type. This material also has an advertising advantage since you can print your logo or company name on it for better brand awareness and promotion. And as you know Polyester is a very affordable material, but the prices of polyester lanyard will differ depending on the kind of printing and design you choose. And resilience is another feature of the polyester material which makes a polyester lanyard last long.  

2. Nylon – The prominent advantage of the Nylon Lanyard is that - it looks and feels better. The shinier and thicker appearance makes it catch your attention instantly. The Nylon Lanyard also offer more space for printing the logo and brand name. This is a great option if your business has a sophisticated logo design or a big brand name. 

3. Sublimated – Manufactured from customised polyester webbing cloth, this type of lanyard offers the best printing quality. Apart from logos and names, you can also get the company messages or motto’s printed on them. Sublimated Lanyards have multi-color and double-sided options. If you are looking for lanyards that need to be highly personalised, then the sublimated lanyard is a perfect choice. 

4. Woven – These are comparatively pricey since it is woven, but they offer a very traditional appeal which suits businesses related to the sports industry. Woven lanyards are made from top quality polyester threads, which give you the option to embroider the logo and brand name creatively. 


Lanyards can be given as corporate gifts. When users hang electronic devices or carry their keys with it, these lanyards catch the attention of others. When employees walk around in customised lanyards, they are advertising your brand to others in the most cost-effective way! 
Printing website addresses is another way of promoting your business. Adding short and simple URLs helps people remember your web address which they can visit later on.

Design lanyards for conferences – We have already mentioned about printing your business details including contact details on the lanyards; now you can hand out similar lanyards to guests while you hold conferences. Apart from helping in identification, it helps in brand awareness and recall, since people keep these lanyards around for a while. 


As mentioned above, lanyards are available in different prices, so before purchasing lanyards determine your budget. Similarly material is also a determinant; some of them last for a long time whereas some wear off easily. If you are thinking about long-term use, a polyester lanyard would be an excellent choice. Purchasing lanyards in bulk will help in lowering its cost including the printing charges. 

You can discuss with the lanyard manufacturer to help you give you the best options. Whatever kind of lanyard you use, make sure to get the optimum exposure for your business and brand.

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