Picking gifts is easily one of the more challenging tasks one has to go through over the course of their life and when it comes to picking gifts for colleagues, the challenge gets a whole lot harder. After years of going through this ourselves, we know how important it is to stand out from the crowd at work and to do that you need to get your corporate colleagues something they will remember.

So, what gift should I get for my colleague?

That’s quite a difficult question to answer, as everyone has different taste that you need to account for. For example, someone who is interested in golf would most likely be happier to get some golf balls than a football. Not everyone knows their colleagues as well as this, however, which is why we have created this list to give you some ideas:

Personalized mugs: 

If you want your colleague to remember your gift, what could possibly be better than something they use every day? Getting someone a personalized gift shows them how much you care about them and the personal nature will give make it stick around in their minds for years to come.

Customized tee-shirts:
We truly believe that getting your employee something personal is the best route to go down, but why stop at a cup? Fashion is incredibly important amongst our western society and just about everyone enjoys wearing fashionable clothes. What’s better than wearing popular clothing brands I hear you ask? What about wearing your own fashion brand! Giving your work friend a personalized item of clothing is guaranteed to not only catch their attention but also that of the people around.

Gift bags:
You may think that gift bags are for children, however, if you think a little bit outside of the box then you can create a fantastic gift that will easily top all of the usual rubbish people get. For example, you could go one step further than simply getting a customized mug or t-shirt like we mentioned above and instead get your colleague a bag full of personalized products. 

Desk Items:
Sitting at a desk all day can be an incredibly boring and tedious job, which is why getting your peer something to spice up their time behind the desk is an incredibly good idea. There are thousands of products that you could pick from in this category, but some of my favourites are table-top tennis, small remote controlled cars, or even a newtons cradle. Things like this that can provide hours and hours of endless fun are ideal gifts for your friends and, who knows, they may even invite you over to their desk for a game of table-top tennis!

Hopefully you got some great gift ideas and now you are all set to go out and get your corporate peers something, but keep in mind what we said: getting something personalized is key if you really want to stand out from the usual tat that people get!

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