Did you know that more than 50% of the corporate gift recipients hang the promotional products at their desk for 1 to 4 years? Corporate gifting is considered to be a new cultural way of cutting through the marketing clutter. It’s perhaps one of the best ways to show appreciation towards your clients, consultants, business partners, and employees. The best minds in the business will tell you that corporate gift-giving is an investment and not an expense. After all, there’s no way to put a price tag on the lifetime value of a valuable client or an employee. They are simply priceless. Since promotional items are loved by one and all, it won’t be an understatement to claim that corporate gifts get their job done. So, let’s get started with corporate gift shopping ideas that will ensure that your gifts do not go unnoticed or unused. Anyways, life is too short to spend money on lame corporate gifts. After all, how many coffee mugs can you have on your office desk before getting a nervous breakdown?

Personal Corporate Gift Ideas

Not all gifts are created equal. Corporate gifts are different from the regular marketing items that are given out. Truth to be told, corporate gifts are meant to strengthen the bond between the company and the recipient of the gift. The best way to ensure that the corporate gift arrow hits the center of the target is to make the gifts personal. Adding a personal touch is a surefire way of ascertaining your clients or employees that you really care and appreciate about them. After all, meaningful gifts combined with thoughtful gestures have always been a hit with the masses. If the gift is centered towards an individual and not a company, discreetly find out the individual’s passion and interest areas. When a gift reflects the recipient’s personality, it can beat just about any other marketing tool out there.  

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas 

People these days expect their gifts to be a lot more fun and unique. Unless you want to believe your rivals, times have changed really fast in the corporate gifting world. To cut through the cutthroat competition, how about sending a gift that’s seasonal and practical? Sending a gift appropriate to the season is the best way to ensure that the gift is put to use right away. For instance, winter hats with scarves or mittens can serve as a cozy client gift item. 
How often do you think that the employees might have received generic gifts as opposed to a famous book? How about sending over branded highlighters instead of a pen? A pen is often forgotten, lost or stolen. On the other hand, highlighters are used only for important tasks. So, it will occupy an executive’s workplace for years to come. A subscription to a business magazine is also a unique gifting idea that might keep the recipient appreciative of your act month after month. 

Gift of Fitness

Nicely wrapped fruits, flowers or calendars are the things of the past. It’s high-time to get over the cheap branded stationaries as well. Also, refrain from sending an ungodly amount of chocolates and sweets. They won’t last more than a few days. Moreover, you will be cursed for the extra kilos as well. People watching their calories might even dump your sugar loaded gift without a second thought. Instead, of spreading diabetes or making employees cut corners to avoid a dental visit, it’s best advised to provide something that can make employees more fit. 
Fitter employees mean more productivity and lesser sick days. Since compact fitness items are also available these days, why not use it for corporate gifting. Items such as a fitness tracker can go a long way into the recipient’s heart. It might actually compel some of them to take better care of their health. As a result, your company will always be on the forefront of the recipient’s mind.

Service Provider Gift Certificate

Whether you are running short of gifting ideas or not, give your employees or clients the gift of a gift certificate of an appropriate amount. Gift certificates are proving to be a popular choice with gifting companies. How about a gift certificate for a laundry service or a maid cleaning service with a thank-you note? In today’s time-crunched world, your gift will really shine because it will save the recipient a great deal of time or money. A gift certificate is a great way to buy people some more time.

Word of Caution

A corporate setting does not have room for a too personal gift. So, ideally one should refrain from giving gifts that are too personal, generic or lavish. Also, it’s imperative to check with the recipient’s company if they have any specific rules on the gifts they receive. Due to conflict of interest, some companies might have zero tolerance approach to corporate gifting. Even if they do accept, they might donate it further to a charity. So, to avoid ethical compliances, it’s better to check the corporate gifting policy of the recipient’s company because all employees are bound by the company’s protocol. After all, you would hate to see your time and efforts wasted on something that might simply go unused or even totally discarded. Last but not the least; do not go overboard with your branding. Too much of advertisement will steal the personal touch from the product. So, don’t let your own gift be the weakest link in your marketing chain.

Whom should you send Corporate Gifts?

Being a Santa Clause is great fun, but not when you are into corporate gifting mode. Practically speaking, it does not make sense to distribute gifts like a Santa Clause. After all, best gifts are hardly found under the Christmas tree. Ideally, corporate gifts should be given to people who have a role to play in the company’s growth. It could be the office staff, secretary, clients, associate partners or even your cleaning staff. 

Final Word

Corporate gifting goes beyond a marketing strategy. The true champions of the corporate business know that choosing the right gift is an art that can pull on the heartstrings like nothing else. After all, a corporate gift leverages your influence. What you send makes a statement of its own. How long it will be on the recipient’s desk would depend upon the connection the product makes. To stay in front of the recipient’s mind and to steal his/her heart, your gift has to stand out from the crowd. The success could be something that you might have never hoped for. You can really get your business in motion with the power of corporate gift promotion. 


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